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Types of Physical Therapy Used For Rehabilitation
A lot of people demand the services of physical therapists (PT's) for the management of an extensive array of medical[...]
Pediatric Physical Therapy Information
It was during the polio epidemic during the 1920's that the career of pediatric physical therapy was born. Through science,[...]
Aquatic Physical Therapy Benefits
Many PT's love to use the swimming pool as a tool to help patients suffering from pain, especially those patients[...]
Occupational Therapist Job Description and Role
You clicked so you must be wondering what do occupational therapists do? The occupational therapist job description differs slightly from[...]
PT License Verification & PTA License Verification
Each state is responsible for licensing and record keeping. To do a Physical therapist license lookup and verify that a[...]
Physical Therapist (Video).
Wondering if a career in the physiotherapy field is for you? This video gives you an insight to the career[...]
Physical Therapist Salary – How much they get paid.
One of the most important things to consider when looking for your future career is to consider the salary and[...]
How to Become a Physical Therapist in Three years
<p>How to become a physical therapist involves an extensive amount of training that often results in a doctoral degree or[...]
Physical Therapy Equipment for Pro Use
The right type of physical therapy equipment is essential for a clinic that provides PT treatment, and choosing the right[...]
Best Physical Therapy Schools for your Money
<p>Your plan of becoming a physical therapist is a dream you’ve had for years, so the odds are you’ve researched[...]
Physical Therapist Job Description and Role Based on Work Environment
<p>People who suffer from injuries or disabling conditions such as fractures, arthritis, head injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, or cerebral palsy,[...]
Physical Therapy Associates Degree for PTA Level Training
<p>In order to <a draggable="false" href="">become a physical therapist</a>, you must complete a master’s degree or doctoral program. However, if[...]
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