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Pediatric Physical Therapy Information

It was during the polio epidemic during the 1920’s that the career of pediatric physical therapy was born. Through science, proper techniques have been developed to help children and people with learning disabilities (usually under the age of 25), with therapeutic techniques to treat musculoskeletal issues. If you want to work with infant patients or […]

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Aquatic Physical Therapy Benefits

Many PT’s love to use the swimming pool as a tool to help patients suffering from pain, especially those patients that would otherwise have limited mobility on land. Aquatic physical therapy is often used for patients with neurological conditions. Neurological conditions can include people who have suffered a stroke, sufferers of Parkinson’s disease, and multiple […]

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Best Physical Therapy Schools for your Money

Your plan of becoming a physical therapist is a dream you’ve had for years, so the odds are you’ve researched what courses you need, the degrees you need and the amount of clinical work you’ll have to complete. But in order to make a name for yourself in the healthcare industry, you need to know […]

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